Marigot so close to the french spirit

Marigot, capitale of the french part of Saint Martin is probably the place that have the “french spirit” in the whole Caribbean. Colonial houses alongside cafes, bistros, pastry shops and luxury boutiques ; in many ways it resembles the small city of France. At the foot of Fort Louis, a large shopping center, the “West Indies Mall” where luxury brand shops like Chanel, Lacoste and many others are grouped together. South of the city, you will find the Marina Port La Royale, surrounded by many fashion stores, jewelers, perfumers, all duty free. There is also a significant number of places for dining, from snacks to gourmet restaurant. The city is small, so it is easy to walk on foot quietly.

2017_marigot In the past, Marigot was a simple fishing village on a marsh, where come from the name “Marigot”. It became the capital of the French side during the reign of King Louis XVI, who built the “Fort Louis” on the outskirts of the city, on the hills. Today it is the most imposing monument in the history of the island.

2017_marigot But Marigot, also remains a typical Caribbean city, with its Creole-style houses and small adjoining bistro. Market day is on Wednesday and Saturday morning where you can find coconut, avocados, sweet potatoes and a bunch of other local fruits and vegetables and an impressive amount of various spices. Fish stalls as well will be able to find thanks to your taste buds.

2017_marigot The Market is also the local center of different local crafts, souvenirs, paintings, costumes…

2017_marigot Marigot also remains famous for the late Speed2 movie in 1998, where the final scene sees the gigantic boat “Sea Bourne” struck violently the bay of the island.