Oyster Pond and its wild tranquility

Oyster Pond, a small quiet spot, still a little wild at times, marks the obligatory passage of the border for the two parts of the island. When you meet at Oyster Pond, it’s not like being in the country, everything is quieter than the tourist bustle of Marigot, Grand Case or Orient Bay.

2017_oyster_pond On the edge of the nature reserve, Point “Babit” offers a very friendly point of view towards the Orient Bay. This is the beginning of the leeward coast and you can sometimes meet a few wakeboarders or a few fishermen’s boats. Three little islets with insured teeth offer you a small walk with feet in the water (do not forget your sandals). Calm and tranquility reign in this place in contrast with the elements that are the wind and the swell sometimes agitated at this point of the island. The sunsets are sometimes magnificent.

2017_oyster_pond The Marina of Oyster Pond is also a popular place for boaters, less crowded than its sisters, yet it offers everything that can be expected of it. It is also the departure of the “Voyager”, ferry in direction of Saint Barthélemy (alternative to Marigot but not on a daily basis). Some charter airlines also settle there with departures to more or less neighboring islands in the Caribbean.

2017_oyster_pond There is also Captain Oliver’s restaurant, a haven of peace nestled in the bay. It also has the particularity of having its parking on the French part and its dining room on the Dutch part (following an old cadastral cutting). Built in the late 80s by Olivier Lange, emblematic figure of the place and unfortunately disappeared today.